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I love our vibrant City!


My love for Pasadena is why I want you to elect me as your new District 2 Councilmember to help protect our unique neighborhoods and quality of life as we move into a new decade full of challenges and change. 


As a Pasadena City Commissioner of the Old Town On-street Parking Program; as a California State Commissioner for State Parks; as a local businessman and former Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps, from 1993 to 1997, I have distinct public service experience that will enable me to effectively represent you, District 2 and our wonderful city.  


I have been out listening to my neighbors and will continue to listen to you because I want a direct understanding of your concerns about our neighborhoods, schools and businesses in District 2, and throughout our City.

I have learned you want me to focus on safer, stronger neighborhoods; fostering more community identity; increasing communications with your Council representative and City officials; helping the elderly and those in need and improving our schools.   


As your Council representative, I'll work for you; not a political party or partisan politics.  I will focus on you, District 2 and the issues that are important to us and the future of our fine City. I will keep you informed through neighborhood meetings, through regular messages online and social media.  I will come to you instead of you having to come to me. 


Isn't it about time government worked that way? 


I am asking for your trust and confidence in me. I am asking for your vote so that I can be your voice at City Hall in service to our District.


I am endorsed by my immediate neighbors and look forward to earning your endorsement as well.


For References, the following individuals are available:

1. Kevin De Leon-former Senator running for LA City Council, he appointed me as a State Commissioner

2. Jeffrey Prang-LA County Assessor

3. Steve Veres-Vice President LACCD Board of Trustees

4. Baydsar Thomasian-District Consultant office of Senator Maria Elena Durazo

5. Tom Lemmon-Commissioner California State Parks OHMVR Divisio

6. Sara Miggins-Chair Commissioner California State Parks OHMVR Division

7. Tedd Cabral-Commissioner California State Parks OHMVR Division

8. Paul Slavik-Commissioner California State Parks OHMVR Division

9. Mark Gonzalez-Chair of the LA County Democratic Party

10. Mark Tarczynski-Executive Vice President of Colliers International

11. Blair Besten-Director LA Historic Core Business Improvement District

12. Nick Harris-Western States Representative American Motorcyclist Association

13. Carol Schatz-Retired CEO of the LA Central City Association

Seperate Note, Current Mayor Terry Tornek appointed me as a City Commissioner






United States Marine Corps 1990s
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California State Parks Commission
Paid For By Kevin Litwin For Pasadena City Council District 2 2020
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